About Ashland Community Food Bank

We serve the residents of Ashland, Talent and surrounding rural areas within those zip codes.

We are located at: 560 Clover Lane (See map) Our phone 541-488-9544. We are open for shopping from 9:30am to 12:30pm Monday through Friday.

Ashland Community Food Bank is an independent, private non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, Federal ID #93-1329669. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by tax code. No goods or services are provided in exchange for donations.

We have a great partnership with the Ashland Food Project - who provides us with 36% of our total donations

Our Work

The Ashland Community Food Bank was founded 45 years ago by a group of churches who believed that no one in our community should go to bed hungry.  They pooled their efforts from their individual congregations and began distributing food to people in need.

Over four decades, much has changed.  We serve many more people and our numbers continue to rise each year.  We are now an independent nonprofit organization, and we own and operate our own building.  But one thing has remained constant – our mission. That is, to provide food, free of charge, to residents of Ashland, Talent and surrounding rural communities, and to do so in a way that conveys respect and dignity for those being served.  The Food Bank is set up as a grocery store.  People sign in – and then get a shopping cart and can shop once per month for their families. As a Community Food Bank, we supply enough food for meals for about 2-3 days.  Amounts from each category of food (soup, fruit, milk, eggs) depend on family size and we strive to provide the healthiest choices possible for our shoppers.  Some folks come to us just once, because something unusual happened in their lives. Others struggle with ongoing issues and come in to shop each month.  We know that many of the important jobs in our community are service-related jobs and many struggle to make ends meet.  Our job at the Food Bank is to be here, and to provide food when a family needs a little extra help to get through the month.

One thing that has not changed over the years is that the Ashland Community Food Bank is supported by the community
We have a great partnership with the Ashland Food Project - who provides us with 36% of our total donations. We have nearly 300 dedicated volunteers who 2017 gave over 7,000 hours of their time to help their neighbors in need.  We do not receive government support and rely solely on donations of time, funding, and food from our local community organizations and foundations.   We have a great partnership with the Ashland Food Project – who provides the Food Bank with about 48% off all of our non-perishable food donations.

So Who Do We Serve?

Many people believe we serve mainly the homeless – and we do serve the homeless.  16% of our shoppers are un-housed.  Of those – over 100 are local homeless families who have children under the age of 18.

Of the nearly 650 shoppers and their families per month we serve – 35% of those families have children under the age of 18.  Also, the number of senior citizens we serve continues to rise.  In the first 4 months of 2018 we served over 450 senior shoppers.  60 of those shoppers were over the age of 75.    These super-seniors are by far 1 or 2 person households and nearly all from Ashland.  Too often in this day and age -- these seniors have to choose between buying food or buying medicine or other necessities.  As the demographics in Ashland continue to change it is likely the number of seniors we serve will continue to increase.

The Ashland Community Food Bank continues to cultivate partnerships with other critical social safety net service providers to reach as many people as possible in need.

Our Board of Directors

Andrew Card
Ava DeRosier
Juli DiChiro
George Kramer
Lyn Owens
Tim Robitz
Stef Seffinger
Richard Spencer
Wanda Stroud
John Wallar
Ward Wilson
Dan Zinder

Our Generous Sponsors

Albertsons – Ashland Ace Hardware – Ashland Christian Fellowship – Ashland Community Health Foundation – Ashland Food Co-Op – Ashland Food Project – Ashland Grange Co-Op – Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites – Ashland Lions Club – Ashland Postal Workers – Ashland Rotary – Case Coffee – DeBoer Foundation – Dunbar Farms – Elks Lodge #944 – First Congregational United Church of Christ – First United Methodist Church – Food Angels – Grizzly Peak Winery – GS Butler Foundation – Jackson County Fuel Committee – Lions Club – Long Walk Vineyards – Luna Café – Luna Love – Manzanita – Market of Choice – Mountain Meadows – Newman Hotel Group – Noble Coffee – NW Nature Shop – Oregon Cabaret Theater – Organicos Bakery – Our Lady of the Mountain Catholic Church – Paddinton Station – Paschal Winery – Presbyterian Church – Project A – Reed and Carolee Walker Foundation – Rocky Mountain Eufloria – Rogue Natural Foods – Rogue Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship – Rotary Club Ashland Lithia Springs – Safeway – Shop N Kart – Siskiyou School – Temple Emek Shalom – Trinity Episcopal Church – Village Bakery –